I love a green soup. My body specifically loves a Super Green Soup.

With the kids, green food means ‘go’, and always has done. It means energy, a happy tummy (gut), a great poo (in house, quite the talking point) and in a soup it’s quickly ‘in’ (absorbed).

Ingredients & Method
Open your fridge, check your vegetable bin & bring out everything green.
Cube or slice it.
Sautee 1 large, diced onion in a tablespoon of coconut oil.
Add your vegetables.
Add 2-4 vegetable stock cubes.
Cover with water & gently simmer until everything is soft.
Blend & eat.

Today’s soup consists of.
1 large onion
2 heads of broccoli including stems
1 large leek
300g frozen peas
A lot of chard or silver-beet
1/2 a head of lettuce
4 vegetable cubes
2 litres of boiling water

Once simmered, off the heat, 4 large cloves of garlic where squeezed into the mix (with a garlic press).
Blend, serve, top with pumpkin seeds.

Can be stored in the fridge for 3 days.