Mindset Coaching

Where you’re at …

You’re feeling alone with your thoughts and feelings of sadness, loss, insecurity and sense of direction. You need to talk about your thoughts and feelings with someone who will listen, who will not judge and shows compassion. You’re searching not for a friend or loved one, but a confidant with common sense and empathy.

The problems you have right now …

  • Grief
  • Relationships with partners or spouses, adult children, parents, friendships
  • Betrayal
  • Being present ‘in the now’
  • Future planning
  • Work change and/or issues
  • Infertility

What you need help with right now …

You need someone to listen. You need to share the thoughts that are travelling through your head & the emotions that are battering your heart. You need someone to untangle your words and hand them back to you in a clear format for you to understand and re read as necessary.

How can working with Paula help you?

Together, we make sense of what you’re going through; the insecurity, hurt, sadness, trauma and sometimes tragedy of your situation. Our 45-minute video calls are a download of your circumstances and where you’re at plus my advice and thoughts around this. I follow up with an email of what we have spoken about to provide clarity, direction & choices. You also receive bespoke visualisations the week of our video calls to add to your repertoire towards good health and balanced view.
“Thank you, Paula! You’ve been a source of huge support and reflection for me over the past few months. My god, if you could see inside me when I got your email in February and now, it was dark grey and now that’s turning into spring shades of pink and lilac – some of my mum’s favourite colours. I’m determined to honour her by taking care of myself and allowing myself to be fulfilled in life. I have many reasons to feel grateful and I know how lucky I am in the grand scheme of things, despite all the pain. Thank you for making me see that and recognise my power to thrive.”

“Thank you, Paula, ♥️. Your summary email was so excellent to wake up to – I treasure them all as they enable such clarity and provide small, achievable goals to work towards much needed balance”.