Where you’re at …

You dread going to bed because sleep is elusive. You’re so tired and then ‘bing’ you lie down and your brain is busy planning, going through random thoughts or telling yourself to “go to sleep”. You toss and turn until you get up for an hour (or more). You wake up in the morning, tired.

The problems you have right now …

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Wake in the night
  • Exhausted on waking in the morning
  • Brain fog
  • Lack of motivation

What you need help with right now …

Creating patterns around sleep patterns. Reducing food and other stimulus that impede sleep. Introduce foods which promote day time energy and evening relaxation. This way you will wake refreshed and ready to face the day.

How can working with Paula help you?

By shifting your sleeping patterns and introducing quality sleep, your day/night exchange or cellular cleanse will take place. This means waking up refreshed, not exhausted. By removing the stress around going to sleep (or waking up through the night), we change sleep anxieties and take away the distress around bedtime.
“Always elusive, sleep causes me stress. Paula has helped me put strategies in place so that I sleep better and am eating foods which promote my health rather than hinder it.”