About Paula

Hi, I’m Paula Sharp, a professional Nutritional Therapist.

I help women regain their sense of control and well-being with their health. This can be digestive health, issues with skin, feelings of anxiety, problems around sleep, weight & hormonal health. I also work with women on mindset and rebuilding self-confidence after a traumatic experience/s (for example; grief, relationship loss or change).

I work with women from all over the world via online consultations. Working one to one with my clients, on a weekly basis builds trust, confidence and accountability on their journey to good health. Tailoring my advice, dietary suggestions and visualisations to individual clients is key to their success. Working online has also allowed me to be available globally. I work with women in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

I have always been interested in natural health and pursuing health through good food & a healthy mindset. However, my own challenges became very apparent when trying to conceive my first child. The odds were stacked against me; I was now over 35, my husband’s sperm quality was questionable and we’d experienced several failed IVF procedures (plus the grief and the very low places this takes you). I had started studying naturopathic nutrition through the London branch of The College of Natural Nutrition and activated everything that I was learning into our daily life (plus the advice of another nutritional therapist trained in the same way I was and the invaluable skills of an acupuncturist). Our bodies had never been so perfect and honed. Finally, I had my perfect IVF son in my arms. Two years later, I held his perfect, naturally conceived sister.

This journey was about nurturing my amazing body past being average to wellness. About not allowing my youth (as I’d done through my 20’s) to maintain my health. And now a decade after having my children, my body shifts towards perimenopause and this hormonal change. I’m watching my children fluctuate through their own natural hormones as they grow. I have experienced the heart ache of losing my beautiful mum to a hormone-based cancer and I am determined to work with other women and inspire nourishment to thrive, not just survive (as we often do).

I love empowering women with understanding their story. Introducing them to the tools which allow them to change their health direction. Show them how to gain ‘quick well-being wins’, while we work on the longer-term goals to robust health and mindset.

And now, I have a question for you; if the body is fertile ground, do you choose wellness or illness? We often don’t think we have a choice. We DO!

WARNING: My approach is far from being a plaster on a wound, working with me, you will be challenged to take care of yourself on all levels.

Paula lives in Whakatane, New Zealand. She trained in London, UK under the tutorage of Barbara Wren (author of ‘Cellular Awakening’ and ‘Our Return to the Light’) at the College of Natural Nutrition. Paula consults online with women in the UK, Europe & the South Pacific.

She co-hosts online nutrition and wellbeing workshops with The Botanical Pharmacist, Fawz Farhan @allbeingwellproject.

​She is the previous vegetable & fruit buyer for ‘Lee Greens Veg Bags’, (a community led organic vegetable bag scheme in Lewisham Borough, London, UK). Paula continues to write and contribute articles for their newsletter, www.leegreens.org

Paula holds qualifications from the College of Natural Nutrition, UK, she is member of the FNTP (Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) & is a Reiki Master. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English & Anthropology and an Honours Degree in Anthropology from Victoria University, Wellington, NZ.

A consultation reviews your physical health, your inherited dispositions, your mindset and lifestyle. It provides the tools to change your health picture and therefore your life story.