Interview with Paula

Working with Paula, what happens when she’s on your team?

Paula, what is your 12-week nutrition program work?

Before we start, I ask you to keep a 7-day food & beverage diary and email this through before your case history call.

Week 1, video call 1; I take your case history. This is a deep dive into you from head to toe (and everything in between), your medical history from birth, your diet through the decades to now & what ever family medical history you know of (parents, grandparents, siblings and others genetically close to you).

By the end of week one, we reconvene and I talk you through my findings and connections regarding the ‘Why?’ you are seeking help (women’s hormonal issues, skin, weight, gut health, sleep, anxiety, physical reboot). I make dietary suggestions, I recommend vitamins and supplements, I offer you gentle techniques to support your detoxification pathways.

Most importantly, I hand you back your story, in an emailed document. This is to empower you and to help you understand your health situation.

Weeks 2 – 11; every week we will have a 30 minute catch up video call.

What’s this about, you ask?

  • A part of this is accountability, that you have started your health journey.
  • This is also an incentive to keep going.
  • Our chance to talk through what’s working and what’s not.

Your time to ask for help, advice and support around food mindset, recipes, navigating self-sabotage, celebrating your wins and discussing broader life that could be impacting on your health choices.

After every call you will receive a clarity email on what we have talked about and my advice.

Every week you will receive a personal visualisation recorded by me.

I will send you thought provoking quotes, handpicked for you.

Week 12; our last week of this program.

Our call is an hour long.

  • We reflect on where you started to where you are today.
  • Your health, your mindset towards food and nourishment and the confidence that you have with your health and wellbeing.
  • We look at the tools you now have in your tool box;
    – the ability to keep detoxification pathways open
    – possibly, new sleep routines?
    – the right time to eat for your body type
    – how to use visualisations to empower yourself
    – … I have many techniques up my sleeve.

I leave you feeling equipped with what you need to continue your journey to health. I am always on your team.

What’s next?

6 weeks more – The opportunity to continue working together on nutrition and food mindset for a further 6 weeks. This includes weekly maintenance calls, follow up clarity emails, tweaks to your nutrition and detox program, recipes and visualisations to support your health journey. Our relationship continues, I am on your team.

For previous clients of the 12-week nutrition package, I also offer the;

6-week recalibration program as a nutrition reboot. This could be because your eating habits have ‘slipped’, because it’s time for a seasonal follow up or maybe you would like to look at your supplement protocol (do you still need the same vitamins)?

Week 1, video call 1; a 45-minute follow-up call to see where you’re at and the direction we need to go in. By the end of this week, you will have an email summary with clarity around diet, vitamins and detox techniques.

Weeks 2 – 5; one 30-minute accountability call a week, plus a follow up email on what we discussed, tweaks to your nutrition and detox program, recipes and visualisations to support your health journey.

Week 6; our last call reflects on where you started with your health to where you are today. The tools and knowledge that you have gained to support your health and the confidence you have moving forward. Remember, I am always on your team.

Or perhaps you’re looking to continue our journey together with the 12-week mindset program?

What’s the 12-week Mindset Program, Paula?

I now offer a 12-week mindset program for clients to talk through issues within their lives which are causing angst and/or emotional pain. Maybe this is grief (the passing of a loved one or the end of a relationship), possibly the obstacles around friendships or relationships? Or seeking purpose and direction?

This is a bespoke service of;

  • Six 45min video calls over 12-weeks
  • After every call I email your story back to you (empowering you) with a perspective of your choices to move forward (your free will).
    – We look at your patterns in the past and now. Why these are in place and how these serve you. Is there another way?
    – We develop strategies to manage similar situations.
  • You will receive six personal visualisations recorded by me.
  • I will send you six thought provoking quotes, handpicked for you.

My role is to facilitate your self-confidence and to support your navigation through ‘tricky’ parts of life. I am your sounding board. I have a different vantage point to your circumstances. I offer a view that you may not have seen. You are not alone; I am on your team.