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How I can help you

Gut & Digestion

Regulate & feel confident with your digestive health. Re-instate your digestive (toilet) routines & therefore feel more energetic & self-assured. Understand how to feed your gut microbiome for your optimal well-being.

  • are you running to the toilet with diarrhoea?
  • do you feel bloated & gas-y? Or do you have reoccurring ‘tummy ache’?
  • are you constipated & lethargic?

Women’s Hormones

Feel as though you are in the driving seat, rather then your (run away) hormones. Regulate the symptoms around PMS. Transition easily with the right tools into peri-menopause. Regain your energy & vitality.

  • are mood swings & impatience impacting your relationships, tolerance & perspective?
  • is menstruation unpredictable?
  • is the shift into peri-menopause proving difficult with sleep, energy, sore joints, loss of libido, hot flushes/flashes or feelings around anxiety?

Mindset Coaching

Have someone hear you, someone to discuss your grief, pain or change of circumstances with. I will listen & hand back your story. I will help you untangle your thoughts & emotions so that they can be understood. I will give a different vantage point (or point of view) to help you move forward, lighter & with optimism.

  • are you struggling with loss or grief (the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship)?
  • are you feeling lost & alone in your thoughts & as if no one is hearing you?
  • do you need a different perspective, not from a friend or a loved one, but a confidant?

Anxiety & Depression

Understand how to eat to change your anxiety & feeling’s of depression. Move from brain fog & indecision to one of having a clear head & decisive action. Feel better in yourself.

  • is anxiety stopping you from making a decision or taking action (meeting friends, joining a new group, doing an activity that you previously loved)?
  • is brain fog a part of your life now?
  • do you have negative thoughts or internal chatter?


Sleep to rest and rejuvenate. Understand the rhythm of the day/night exchange of the cellular night time (sleep) cleanse & why this is important for physical health & daily energy. Sleep well.

  • do you dread going to bed, because sleep is elusive?
  • do you wake up in the night & lie there starring at the ceiling?
  • are you woken up by night sweats?
  • do you snore or grind your teeth? Are you a sleep walker?


Learn how to improve your skin quality, to enhance & glow. Use food to nourish from the inside & learn techniques to apply topically. Understand the deeper picture behind congested, spotty & course skin types.

  • are you prone to hormonal spots or pimples? At times or all the time?
  • do you have dry facial skin patches?
  • is your skin feeling inflamed or itchy?


Work with food to nourish your body. This gives your body permission to find it’s ideal size & to stop the guilt & punishment around food choices Feel good looking in the mirror & enjoy the confidence of a well cared for body at the right weight.

  • do you avoid mirrors & photographs because you don’t like the way you look?
  • do crave carbs &/or sugar?
  • do you skip meals &/or binge eat in order to maintain or control your weight?


Whole Foods & Simple Living are the premise that all my workshops are based on. Enjoy information, shared knowledge & fun tips & tricks around seasonal topics. Nutrition, mindset & lifestyle choices dovetail together in an hour long workshop.

Workshops come in two formats;

Online – regularly, Fawz Farhan, the Botanical Pharmacist & I co-host online workshops for our British & New Zealand audiences.

In person – with Paula at a local Whakatane, NZ venue.

  • does the concept of whole food & simple living resonate with you?
  • would you like to make & create different recipes for your health, learn to use household cupboard items in your cleaning products or understand the botanical properties of different herbs?
  • would you like a deeper understanding of why mindset is key to personal success?

What my clients are saying

“It’s not what I can’t eat, it’s what I CAN eat to have a happier & predictable digestion system. Working on my digestion has also calmed my anxiety. An unexpected [fantastic] side effect of working with Paula 😊! I thought I would just have to live with this constant bad tummy & bad toileting for life. No.”

“I needed someone to hear me AND help me. That’s what Paula has done. Only encouragement every step of the way, even when I stumbled. She has picked me up and set me back on my health plan. By looking at food & vitamins that are soothing my anxiety, I feel better. And my self-confidence is rising.”

“At the age of 50 I found myself in need of rebalancing my body. As a fitness instructor, among other things, my body would not shift back to my normal weight after months of lock-down & my energy level was at its lowest. I thought a diet from a professional would help. But Paula is another level. She knew I didn’t need a diet & she didn’t prescribe calorie counting, portion measuring or set meals. She offered me her holistic approach. Balancing the body starts from the mind. Along with nutrition, supplements that my body lacked, she nourished my soul & my mind with beautiful meditations tailored just for me & within a month I was already stronger physically & mentally. I invested in myself & Paula’s knowledge did the rest. I felt cared for & genuinely looked after from within.

Would I recommend her? OMG a million times YES!

Soli Cocciatelli

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Talk to Paula about your health. Book your complimentary 30 minute Wellness Call.

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