12-week Nutrition Package


First time clients, let’s dive into your health story and fully understand why your symptoms are presenting (skin, gut, PMS or other hormonal issues, sleep, weight or anxiety). The 12-week program is about providing information and support for you and your health moving forward.



What you get;

Week 1

  • Two video calls with Paula
  • Your full case history is taken. Please allow 60-120 minutes.
  • Paula’s feedback & suggestions; diet, supplements, detox, mindset & lifestyle. You will also receive this via email.

Weeks 2 – 11

  • A weekly check in call – up to 30minutes.
  • A follow up email on your progress + dietary tweaks & recipes & mindset tools.
  • A weekly visualisation, bespoke to you.
  • An inspirational quote

Week 12

  • Our final call – reviewing where you started to where you are. The health tools you have & the insights you have gained in order to move forward with integral health.


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