Anxiety & Depression

Where you’re at …

It’s a tough time. Energy and therefore motivation are very low. It’s difficult to concentrate, sometimes/all the time you’re easily distracted. Sweet & salty foods are very attractive as they lift you up, but there’s a guilt attached to these foods after you’ve eaten them. Sometimes you don’t look in the mirror because you don’t like the person staring back. You have an internal negative dialogue that’s difficult to dial down. You feel anxious in new situations and turn down invitations because they’re too hard to cope with.

The problems you have right now …

  • Melancholy
  • Low energy
  • Low motivation
  • Poor concentration
  • Poor long and/or short-term memory
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of depression
  • Emotional eating and/or drinking
  • Poor sleep; teeth grinding

What you need help with right now …

Someone to listen, empathise & offer nutritional based support. To address the gut-brain connection with food & supplements so that we see some quick changes and set longer term goals. To reduce feelings of anxiety and lethargy.

How can working with Paula help you?

Together, we will use mindset techniques and diet to sooth thoughts at head level and re-establish a healthy gut microbiome (a part of the brain-gut axis). Energy is expected to increase as is an interest in the wider world (motivation & concentration). By nourishing (vs. punishing) with food to reduce cravings and binge eating. To use food as a pleasure and not as a mill stone.
“I needed someone to hear me AND help me. That’s what Paula has done. Only encouragement every step of the way, even when I stumbled. She has picked me up and set me back on my health plan. By looking at food & vitamins that are soothing my anxiety, I feel better. And my self-confidence is rising.”