Mini Course – Woman Up! What should I eat?


A 4-episode, bite size course for busy women.  Food, what are all these labels?  What can I eat to best nourish myself for energy & good health?  These things are covered in a very digestible way.


Woman Up! What should I eat is a mini course designed for the busy woman.

Digestible in 4 bite sized videos (totally an hour), this course talks you through the different food groups & what foods best serve us through the day.

Each module is accompanied by a PDF recipe & an audio visualization.

Why a recipe?  Because new food which is easy to make is fun & rewarding.

Why a visualization?  Because in our busy lives, to step away from ‘right here, right now’ is as medicinal as eating to nourish ourselves.

xPaula, Nutritional Therapist



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