6-week Nutrition Recalibration Package


For returning clients (who have completed the 12-week program) and are looking to reboot or reframe their nutrition and health. This could be for a seasonal catch up? Because there is a change in your health? Or you feel like you need to get back on track with your eating?



What you get;

Week 1

  • A 60 minute case study call (bridging the time gap between the 12 week program and the nutrition recalibration programs).
  • Paula’s feedback & suggestions call; diet, supplements, detox, mindset & lifestyle. You will also receive this via email.

Week 2-5

  • A weekly check in call – up to 30minutes.
  • A follow up email on your progress + dietary tweaks & recipes & mindset tools.
  • A weekly visualisation, bespoke to you.
  • Thought provoking quotes, handpicked for you.

Week 6

  • Our final call – reviewing where you started to where you are. The health tools you have & the insights you have gained in order to move forward with integral health.


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